Alessio Camusso was born in Turin in 1942. As a former pupil of Francesco Menzio at the Albertina Academy of Arts in the’60s, until the’80s he portrayed the life, the objects and the memories of the rural world of the Langhe area, and of Piedmontese mountains, through his own particular painting technique based on use of the spatula alone.


In 1985, in Kenya he discovered Africa and its lights, its people, its colours. Thus, his painting has changed, albeit with unaltered technique, to become a tale of equator – life, thoughts, dreams of images, of women on the shores of the equatorial ocean. After ten years back to Italy, he’s now living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where is building – together with his wife Janet - a day care school for deaf children. Painting his own Africa he’s getting ready an exhibition of all his last artworks.


He has exposed in numerous collective exhibitions in Italy, France and Switzerland, and has been awarded various painting prizes. Personal exhibits covered Piedmonte (Torino, Ivrea, Asti, Aqui Terme, Sauze d’Oulx, Lanzo, Canelli), Liguria (Noli and Varigotti), Kenya (Nairobi and Watamu), Sicily (Nicosia and Troina).


His name features in the list of Italian painters of ‘900 at Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna.